Hey Ladies,

I was jamming to the new Kirk Franklin CD / song this morning called I Smile. It’s something about this song that is very refreshing, encouraging, and uplifting. I know some us may be unemployed or employed at a place where we may not be completely happy and it seems like we literally drag ourselves outside of the bed to make it. But after hearing this song, it made me realize we have to be grateful for the mere factor that we even woke up to see another day. It’s a gift to have another opportunity to make a change within ourselves and make a change in society; we should just smile about life itself, no matter how hard it appears to be. I don’t know about you, but there are several things I take for granted in my life and it’s not even on purpose, it’s just that I’m comfortable, and when you become comfortable that’s when you become complacent and start to focus on the things you don’t have instead of being grateful for the things you do have.

Hearing this song this morning just made me realize life is not always easy however, it’s all about how you play and handle the cards you were dealt. And I truly believe if we appreciated our lives more and had a deeper passion and love for ourselves we all could wake up with a Smile and pour some of that positive energy on to someone else.

Just a little food for thought! Have a great day ladies!