Cell Block 101.

A few nights ago I had what I considered a nightmare. I woke up in a panic and could not go back to sleep. As I lay awake, I kept re-living the dream in my mind, wondering what it meant. In my nightmare I was in prison. But it wasn’t your common prison; cell walls, with correction officers etc. This prison was like a bedroom, had a bed, television, paintings on the walls, but it was a prison. I was there and had no idea why I was there. I began to speak to the “prison mother” I don’t know where that name came from but that was what this woman was called. She was very sweet and humbled. I asked her what was I in for, and she gave me my file. As I read my charges I was horrified, I was charged with accessory to a murder and found guilty. I was utterly confused and I began to cry and want my mother. I began to write my mother a letter telling her where I was, the charges, and explained how this had to be a terrible mistake. The “prison mother” seen and sensed my anxiety and she gave me her phone to call my mother. I dialed my mother and soon as I heard her voice I began to weep. I started pleading my case and telling my mom this cannot be; I wouldn’t commit a crime. I could hear that my mother began to cry too but she kept telling me “I know Tileah, you’re going to get out and it will be okay, I have the lawyer”

After that part of the dream I woke up darn there ready to cry in reality. I didn’t get it. What did this dream mean? I’ve never had a dream like this. I immediately turned to my friend Google and began researching the meaning of prison dreams. After reading the findings and thinking about my actual personal life I “think” I got it. According to the random websites online, if you dream that your prison it means that in reality you are going through a situation in life that you feel stuck or trapped. As I thought about different situations occurring in my life, I could see how the feeling of trapped or stuck could relate. I have been stressing over certain issues but I had no idea it would come to me in my dreams like the way it did.

So now I’m in a position of trying to get out of the situation. How do I free myself? How do I get out of this rut? As of now, I do not have the answer. But I am faithful that the answers will be revealed to me, so I keep going. Have you ever had a prison dream? Or been in a situation where you’re stuck? How did you help your situation? Let me know, I would love to hear your advice.

Tileah Aisha