Top Reasons For Dating Older

To date older or to not date older, that is the question? Have you every dated older? How was the experience? Did the relationship last? How did your families react? These are just a few questions people ask when they find out someone is dating someone almost or more than 10 years older.  From married couples Jay Z and Beyonce having a 12 year age difference, Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim having a 20 year age difference to the infamous Huge Hefner and Crystal Harris having a 60 year age difference, it makes you wonder why would someone date someone so much older than them. What could they possibly have in common?

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hugh hefner n crystalWomen dating older men are quite the norm in society these days; you can always find a young "tenderoni" on the arms of a salt and pepper haired man.  When you think of a man dating a younger woman they are viewed as “the man” they are cheered on by society for their actions. However, when an older woman dates a younger man, she is considered a “cougar” and “trying to get her groove back”. The stigma is different for both genders and depending on how liberal you are will determine how you judge the situation.

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Why Do Women Cheat?

tileahIf you’re a television junkie such as me, think back a few years to Season 3 of the popular HBO series Sex and the City when Carrie did the unthinkable, she cheated on Aidan. 0__0 My jaw dropped, I couldn’t breathe (yes, I’m dramatic at times) but how dare she do such a horrid act to someone who loved her so deeply.

Aidan was your ideal mate. Entrepreneur, hard working, charming, still believed in chivalry, he sometimes looked a little rough around the edges but sexy nevertheless.  Carrie came first in his life…well alongside his dog Pete of course, but you get the point.  Aidan was all about Carrie and Carrie “appeared” to be all about Aidan.  So what happened?

I often wonder when I hear scenarios like this, why do people cheat on people that love them so much? How can you constantly ask for a “good” man (ladies, you know we are always praying to God to send us a “good” man,lol) and some of us don’t know how to handle them once we get him.  Why is this sometimes the case? According to an article I read on the Huffington Post women cheat for 5 reasons:[1

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The Man I was Dating Got Engaged to Someone Else…But I love him, By Guest Blogger

tileahI still remember my puppy loves; and if I didn’t, my mother and brother would gladly remind me. I remember in 8th grade talking that “I love him” talk. I wasn’t “allowed” to date until 16, but as long as my parents didn’t see us walking home from school together, and I picked up on the ½ ring before my parents when he called the house, they would never know (Life before cell phones). 15 years later, its turns out, they knew (Parents always know). That “relationship” ended when I saw him let another girl wear his jacket during recess, because “she was cold”. #Young&Dumb

I remember standing at my locker, day dreaming looking at a picture saying “I’m going to marry that man”. Mind you, I was a sophomore in high school talking about marrying this boy that I was secretly dating (because I wasn’t 16 yet). We talked on the phone every night, and saw each other as much as we could; being that we didn’t go to the same school of lived in the same town. Our families were friends, so my parents didn’t question when we would go to the park to “play basketball” and when I would go over to visit. That “relationship” ended when my father turned my phone off.  He tried calling me, I didn’t answer the phone, he took it personal, and we went our separate ways. #Misunderstanding

My two best friends were dating cousins, and rather than me being a 5th wheel they decided to hook me up with one of their boyfriend’s friends. I was a senior in high school: president of my senior class, student council, a student representative for the Board of Education, Miss Goody Two-Shoes, and he was considered the local “thug”… But I loved him. I was called in for meeting by my Assistant Principal and coaches tell me to break up with him; not to mention my parents didn’t care for him, but that made me “love” him even more. It was me and him against the world. The college I chose to attend was based on the distance I would be from him. Our relationship lasted a year and a day: He stood me up on our anniversary, and then the next day when he came to pick me up he broke up with me. #NoWords Read more

Over Mr. Wrong… Where is Mr. Right?

Ever wonder why you keep attracting Mr. Wrong? Where is your Mr. Right? Keep meeting the same kind of guy, or they seem to be great then all of a sudden turn on you, or your just not meeting guys at all. I began to think of it like this, how you choose your friends, you should choose your mate. I mean after all, you do want him to be your friend right?  Take a look at these few tips in finding a guy that could  turn out to be your Mr. Right.


1. Don’t go searching for a guy in the club. Odds are he’s not looking for a relationship; he’s looking for a good time. Isn’t that why you go to the club?


2. Keep your eyes open while at random, everyday stops. You usually find someone when you least expect it, so give that guy over there online at the coffee shop, or bookstore, or CVS, or wherever a chance.


3. Listen to how he talks, whether about women, other men, his views on issues and so on, because odds are that’s how he feels, though he may display different actions (representative).

4. If he tells you who he is, believe him. Don’t think that one day you will change him. He is telling you how he is, so later down the line you can’t say he never told you.


5. If and when you do meet his friends, pay attention to how they act, because those are the people he spends his time with when not with you. Your friends are a reflection of you.


6. Know yourself. Don’t put up with things you know aren’t for you just because he has other great qualities or you don’t want to be alone. Eventually what you put up with now will bite you in the ass later.


7.  With #6 being said, don’t expect him to be perfect, because you are not. Know what “flaws” are worth letting go and if you can rise above them to have a lasting relationship.


8. Don’t give it up right away. Allow there to be a chase (without games though, ladies please). Give him something to look forward to, build up the anticipation. If he has no problem waiting on you, and you spend the time to get to know each other, sex in the end will be your bonus to having found a friend and lover.



I am sure there are sooo many more ways you can find Mr. Right, but start out with these tips and I’m sure you will figure it out from there. Use this as a simple guideline.



Just remember, like your friends reflect who you are, you want a guy who reflects who you are…


Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee

Do You Dance For Your Man?

Is the bedroom aspect of your relationship boring? Do you want to spice up your relationship? Have you tried dancing for your mate?  If not, it is time to try something new.  Just follow these few steps and get the spice back into your bedroom:

  1. Set the atmosphere- light some candles and turn your lights down low, and if you’re really feeling frisky, replace that light bulb with a red bulb.  Yes, I said it. Turn on that red light special !
  2. Bra and Panty Check- time to pull out the Fredericks or Vicky Secrets, whichever you prefer and put on that little doll baby night gown.  Or if you’re really in the mood, just some lipstick. ;)
  3. 4 inch Heels- Yes, put on those high fly pumps! A man loves a woman in some heels. You better work it
  4. Turn on the tunes- Time to switch on the ipod or Pandora and turn to the slow jams. You need that soft love making music playing to add the final touches.
  5. Have fun – Its finally time to get it started. Show your man your dance moves.


Queen Bey said it best, tonight I'm gonna put my body on your body, Boy I like it when you watch me, ah, Tonight it's going down

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Get that spice back into your life #FlirtyFriday


Tileah Aisha