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Interview with New Jersey’s Popular Fitness Trainer Adrienne Felder

adrienne felderLADIES, whether you want a firm booty, wash board abs or toned arms and legs the only way to get there is by exercising. These quick fix routines that are being advertised are mostly hoaxes and are probably unhealthy for your body in the long run.

I started my workout routine last year when I joined LA Fitness. That was short lived because I became lazy and stopped going :( Don’t judge me, it happens to many of us lol. However, the times I did go I would take a muscle toning class that had a great instructor. For me, classes work best because I need interaction with others when I work out. Plus, I’m clueless in the gym so having an instructor really helps. 

After going to those classes I found the instructor very skillful at training plus she pushed everyone to their limits. The little time and effort I did put in had my legs and booty looking right!  It’s like she knew everyone personally and knew how far to push them. I liked that personal factor about it because it proved she actually cared. I know trainers are paid to do their job but it’s good to find a trainer that actually cares.  She even expresses her personality through her routines, jokes here and there and the music was always pumping. You can get your workout on plus get your groove back. Sadly, I stopped going to the gym and she stopped training there but she continues her journey as a fitness trainer and she is sculpting the lives and bodies of many. LCC was able to catch up with the busy Fitness Trainer Adrienne Felder  and here is what she had to say:

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

cancer awareness

October is designated as Breast Cancer Awareness month. Breast Cancer Awareness month is an annual campaign that increases its promotion for the disease in hopes to educate everyone about this illness.  During this time there are many workshops, summits, and screenings that everyone can be a part of. One of the leading misconceptions is that breast cancer just affects women. That is simply not true, men run the risk of breast cancer as well, and therefore everyone must be aware of this disease.

The most common question is what is breast cancer?

Cancer begins in the cells which are the basic building blocks that make up tissue. Tissue is found in the breast and other parts of the body. Sometimes, the process of cell growth goes wrong and new cells form when the body doesn’t need them and old or damaged cells do not die as they should. When this occurs, a buildup of cells often forms a mass of tissue called a lump, growth, or tumor.

Breast cancer occurs when malignant tumors develop in the breast. These cells can spread by breaking away from the original tumor and entering blood vessels or lymph vessels, which branch into tissues throughout the body. When cancer cells travel to other parts of the body and begin damaging other tissues and organs, the process is called metastasis. [1] Read more

Virtuous Magazine: Interview with Author Brittany Davis

brittany davisShe’s an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, a published author, a wife, and most importantly a child of God. I recently had the opportunity of catching up with Brittany Davis, creator of Virtuous Magazine to discuss her book, Style Your Soul: Get Dressed from the Inside Out, her magazine, and upcoming projects.

As a woman, it seems as if we were designed to multi-task and handle everything and Brittany is no stranger to multi-tasking. From writing for her magazine, writing new books, plus public motivational speaking, Brittany knows where her help comes from and she keeps grounded by her faith and trust in God. “I am so passionate about sharing the love of God with others through Virtuous and showing how fulfilling your life can be when it’s dedicated to Him.” With a love for fashion and her faithful love for God, Brittany wondered how she could merge the two passions and with that came, Virtuous Magazine.  Check out the rest of the interview below: Read more

Thinking about getting a health coach?

seek-a-health-coachAs we enter into the last quarter of the year and I reflect on my physical fitness, I must say, I could have done better. I could have eaten healthier, went to the gym more often, did more physical activities, plus intake of more veggies and fruits. Well, I did get better with more intakes of veggies and fruits, but of course there is always room for improvement.

This time I decided to hire a health coach. Why? Well because when it comes to physical overall fitness I am very lazy, plus I love a cheerleader by my side. Of course, you don’t need this to help you improve your fitness and health, but I hope to find that it will help me.  What is a health coach? Read more

Which Direction Do You Take Go? Making Life Changing Decisions

which directionAs you embark upon new territory, there may be a point where you are confused on which direction to proceed. It’s like a fork in the road, which way do you go? If we all knew what the future will hold, this would be an easy decision to make. But, what fun would that be, if we always knew what lied ahead. In life you are forced to make decisions with little to no information available to help you along the way. It is in those times when we have to rely on our faith and intuition to get us through.  That may sound easier said than done, it’s not until you’re placed in a situation where you’re forced to show how strong or weak you may be.

No one knows where their life will lead them, all you can do it plan and experience what happens next. However, please do not get caught up with the “plan”. Plans always change whether we desire them to or not. So what do you do when things to do not go according to plan? Read more