Would Dr. King be Proud of You?

tileahToday marks the 50th Anniversary of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, “I have a Dream Speech” in Washington DC.  A speech that was prolific for shaping and molding of not only Black history but for American history.  Dr. King’s speech was a nostalgic look of where Black Americans have been and his hopeful optimistic future outlook of where it should be and what needs to be done to get there.

Take a look back to the past, 50 years was not that long ago. 50 years ago, we were still fighting for civil liberties and equality.  Today I will reflect on this day of my ancestors and of the trials and tribulations my people have been through as well as the journey of my country.  Today I will reflect on how Dr. King was such an inspiration and diligent servant to the community and nation at large.  His dream to be equal and united should not go unrecognized for we are where we are today because of his bold actions.

Today I will ask myself the question, is Dr. King’s dream being fulfilled, would Dr. King be proud of me? Is Dr. King proud of his people and nation?  These and many more are questions I wonder and I consider before I make any actions in my life.  Dr. King’s dream was important and it’s important that we follow that dream and we make that dream come true. Our nation has come a long way, but as recent national events have shown, progress is still needed. What are you contributing to make this world a better place and fulfill the dream of Dr. King?  

Dreamers who never wake up

Have you ever met someone who is constantly telling you about their life plans yet they haven’t made one physical move? Or how about those that are always telling you what you should do with your life, but when you look at their life you see little progress? I consider those the “dreamers who never wake up”.  I am a firm believer that in order to achieve something you have to be able to envision it and dream and fantasize about it, BUT there comes to a point when you have to WAKE UP and actually do something about it.tileah

Those people that are “dreamers who never wake up” worry me because if you are not hip to there game/ foolery, they will have you thinking they are about to rule the world.  When in reality they are just slick talkers and manipulators, with little direction.  These types of folks can be found in your family, your inner friend circle, and your work place, church, extra curriculum clubs, hair salon, nail shop, etc. These people are all over the place and if you are not careful you could become a victim to their lies and manipulations.

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Are you in need of a Stay-cation? 5 Relaxation Tips to Ease the Mind

Backgrounds_7881Are you exhausted? Worn out? Do you constantly have a headache? Are you short-tempered lately? Perhaps you need some R&R, Rest and Relaxation. Work , work, work,  tends to be the norm of all of our lives. Running after this, trying to accomplish that, building this, studying that, we work so hard to achieve certain things that sometimes we forget to enjoy life.

As much as we have to focus on achieving our goals, we also must remember to take pleasure in the little things and enjoy life day by day.  Here are a few R&R suggestions: Read more

I Will Not Apologize For Being ME!

Backgrounds_25156“You’ve changed”  “You’re acting brand new”-I’m sure we’ve all heard these lines once before. If not, then it’s time for a change. Change is often looked upon as a bad thing, but in order to evolve into the person you were meant to be, we have to change. With these changes, you have you realize that not everyone goes through changes at the same time; you have to be willing to leave some people behind. Not to say that your change is better or more advanced than the next person, but it means that everyone’s journey is different and in their own time.


When it comes to friendship; some friendships are only meant to last for certain seasons (Sorry if that hurts, but it’s the truth). In elementary/middle school, everyone is your friend. In High school, your list of friends turns in to a circle of friends. After high school, you leave some friends behind and create new friendships. If you go on to college, you have categories of “childhood friends” and “college friends”. After college, you may have held on to some of you “childhood friends” but they are probably “acquaintances” at this point; minus and select few (meaning 2 and a possible--- as they say in spades). Granted if you go back home and bump into a “childhood friend/acquaintance”, no love is lost, and you may very well pick up where you left off years ago; but a lot happens over the years. Neither one of you are the same person you were in high school. Unless you make a conscious effort to get to know each other as the new people you two have become, you have to accept that you both have changed and things aren’t the same. You may realize that you two no longer have anything in common, or that they may not accept the “new you”; but that’s fine. Like I said, change is good. You have to be true to yourself and accept that the person that you were in your teens is not the same person you are today. That’s worth celebrating. Unfortunately, we all know at least one person who has NOT changed over the years (side eye). Read more

Never Should Have Loved Me: How to Deal with The Past

dont find love wait for love to find youYou never should have loved me You never should have touched me, You never should have Never should have told me you loved me and you would never leave me. 'Cause everything that you would do It made me fall in love with you, Until you left and you made that mistake Now I can't take you back if I wanted too”

Have you ever listened to a song and it felt as if the artist was singing your life story? R&B music artist, Ashanti spoke truth with her new song Never Should Have. The song is telling an EX that they should have never made her fall in love if they didn’t have intentions of catching her. The lyrics are deep and I am sure many can relate. I want you to think about a past relationship that you wanted to work so badly, how did it make you feel when it didn’t? Like many, it is not a pleasant feeling. Emotions are high and you are left wondering, ‘what happened?’

Dealing with the past can never be an easy task especially if it happens to pop back up in your present. Out of sight out of mind works wonders but what happens if it comes back to you? What do you do if your past reappears? Ashanti made a powerful statement with her lyrics... "until you left and you made that mistake, now I can’t take you back if I wanted to” WOW that’s powerful.

So your past is back, do you let them into your present? This is a question many people struggle with trying to answer when an EX reappears. Those warm fuzzy butterfly feelings may reappear, the day dreaming of “back in the day” and reminiscing of old times may occur. But as you sit and think of all the positive things, a light bulb goes off and now all of the reasons why it DIDN’T work begin to replay in your mind. Now what? Here are a few tips with dealing with an EX:
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