Thinking about getting a health coach?

seek-a-health-coachAs we enter into the last quarter of the year and I reflect on my physical fitness, I must say, I could have done better. I could have eaten healthier, went to the gym more often, did more physical activities, plus intake of more veggies and fruits. Well, I did get better with more intakes of veggies and fruits, but of course there is always room for improvement.

This time I decided to hire a health coach. Why? Well because when it comes to physical overall fitness I am very lazy, plus I love a cheerleader by my side. Of course, you don’t need this to help you improve your fitness and health, but I hope to find that it will help me.  What is a health coach? Read more

Would Dr. King be Proud of You?

tileahToday marks the 50th Anniversary of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, “I have a Dream Speech” in Washington DC.  A speech that was prolific for shaping and molding of not only Black history but for American history.  Dr. King’s speech was a nostalgic look of where Black Americans have been and his hopeful optimistic future outlook of where it should be and what needs to be done to get there.

Take a look back to the past, 50 years was not that long ago. 50 years ago, we were still fighting for civil liberties and equality.  Today I will reflect on this day of my ancestors and of the trials and tribulations my people have been through as well as the journey of my country.  Today I will reflect on how Dr. King was such an inspiration and diligent servant to the community and nation at large.  His dream to be equal and united should not go unrecognized for we are where we are today because of his bold actions.

Today I will ask myself the question, is Dr. King’s dream being fulfilled, would Dr. King be proud of me? Is Dr. King proud of his people and nation?  These and many more are questions I wonder and I consider before I make any actions in my life.  Dr. King’s dream was important and it’s important that we follow that dream and we make that dream come true. Our nation has come a long way, but as recent national events have shown, progress is still needed. What are you contributing to make this world a better place and fulfill the dream of Dr. King?  

Which Direction Do You Take Go? Making Life Changing Decisions

which directionAs you embark upon new territory, there may be a point where you are confused on which direction to proceed. It’s like a fork in the road, which way do you go? If we all knew what the future will hold, this would be an easy decision to make. But, what fun would that be, if we always knew what lied ahead. In life you are forced to make decisions with little to no information available to help you along the way. It is in those times when we have to rely on our faith and intuition to get us through.  That may sound easier said than done, it’s not until you’re placed in a situation where you’re forced to show how strong or weak you may be.

No one knows where their life will lead them, all you can do it plan and experience what happens next. However, please do not get caught up with the “plan”. Plans always change whether we desire them to or not. So what do you do when things to do not go according to plan? Read more

Influential Routines vs Inactive Routines

tileahThe concept of routines has its positives and negatives side effects. As humans we develop routines to help us maintain structure in our lives and it helps us achieve certain goals; perhaps setting a study schedule, exercising regime, etc. Routines help us stay focus on one particular objective at a time. But can a routine also hinder us?

There are two types of routines that we sometimes fall into. There are influential routines and inactive or stagnant routines.  Influential routines are those routines that help you achieve one specific goal. For example, if you are trying to become a singer, you will have a routine where everyday for a set number of hours you will have vocal training. This type of routine I consider influential because you are working towards something greater.  Now, let's take an inactive routine. An example would be aimlessly surfing the web with no intentions at all, just wandering through google.  If this is something that you do day in and day out, you have developed a routine that is not progressing. If you were surfing the web for something in particular that is one thing, but if you constantly spend hours on the web with no purpose this could be consider a stagnant routine.  This is something that is taking up your time but is not necessarily adding value.

I have found that in my life I work well with a routine when I have a certain goal to achieve. Influential routines work best for me, but I have fallen into the trap of having stagnant routines. I think we all do, whether we realize it or not. We all have those routines that we do daily just because we want too. Now, those are not necessarily a bag thing BUT if it is keeping you away from achieving something that is greater perhaps it is time to break that routine. So, how do you know it’s time to change some routines: Here are a few tips,

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Dreamers who never wake up

Have you ever met someone who is constantly telling you about their life plans yet they haven’t made one physical move? Or how about those that are always telling you what you should do with your life, but when you look at their life you see little progress? I consider those the “dreamers who never wake up”.  I am a firm believer that in order to achieve something you have to be able to envision it and dream and fantasize about it, BUT there comes to a point when you have to WAKE UP and actually do something about it.tileah

Those people that are “dreamers who never wake up” worry me because if you are not hip to there game/ foolery, they will have you thinking they are about to rule the world.  When in reality they are just slick talkers and manipulators, with little direction.  These types of folks can be found in your family, your inner friend circle, and your work place, church, extra curriculum clubs, hair salon, nail shop, etc. These people are all over the place and if you are not careful you could become a victim to their lies and manipulations.

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