The Comeback

one lifeIn times in life you have to take a break, regroup, and come back refreshed. These past two months I have been on a hiatus trying to put the pieces together. During this time, I did more soul searching, figuring out exactly what I want and need to be doing. In this time, I learned that there are things that I want to do but haven’t done it because it is out of my norm. What do I mean? Most of my adult life I had one plan and I was creating the blueprint and taking the necessary steps to achieve that goal. Well, during this time away from the blog and “life” I realized there are some things I want to achieve that goes against the “plan”. All kinds of thoughts began to race my brain as it would appear I am starting over.

It took some time to grasp this concept as I am so use to a routine. Well, as the days go by and I continually re-think the new “plan” I am much happier. Of course, if I were to mention it to other people they would side-eye/ judge because I want to do things that I didn’t speak of prior, so to some, it will be brand new.   The comments and thoughts of how others will perceive me should be a factor but when I think about MY LIFE and MY HAPPINESS, and I realize I only have ONE CHANCE at it; I choose ME.

So, I am back at the blog, I am back at “life” and I have a new direction to explore. I’m excited, nervous, but happy nevertheless to explore a path I haven’t and embrace what God has in store. So to you my virtual boos, I say let go and explore whatever desires you have. Go against the grain, try something new, and do not be persuaded by those that are afraid of the unknown.  We only have ONE CHANCE. Live it off the wall.

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Finding Your Workplace Zen By: Guest Blogger Shavon C. Evelyn

zen at workI often wonder how Claire Huxtable did it. Loving wife and mother, successful partner in a prestigious law firm, thoroughly involved in her family's lives, generally content and fashionable to boot! She was our superwoman and everywoman all at the same time. Well my dears, I think she was able to do it all because she actually doesn't exist!  She was a character precisely executing a well written, idealized script. Wouldn't it be fantastic if real life came with a script or better yet an "easy" button that helped us work it all out every day?

Well we are not blessed with manuscripts, we are however blessed with the amazing gift of free will! We can, with some thought, carefully crafted conversations, prioritizing and true commitment to our own well being find our personal zen state. We can even make it happen without abandoning our families, careers or grown up responsibilities. 

Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric made the very blunt statement that for women climbing the corporate ladder there is “no such thing as work-life balance”. He further stated that “there are work-life choices, you make them and they have consequences” according to a July 2009 article in the Wall Street Journal. Well, I along with many of the women to whom he was presenting at the Society for Human Resource Management’s annual conference beg to differ! What old Jack fails to realize is that it is not only possible, but necessary to find effective ways to not only manage, but minimize stress. It is crucial that we ensure that our connection to our inner selves and loved ones remains stronger than the ties that bind us to our desks. 

Workplace stress can lead to a multitude of psychological, emotional and behavioral signals that can impact your health and well being. The International Stress Management Association identifies some of these symptoms as:    Read more

Smell the Roses : Enjoying the Simple Life

smellFrom childhood people have always asked us, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Time and time again we always have heard the question, and majority of the time we had an answer. From I want to be a doctor, lawyer, and an actress, to the President of the United States, whatever it may be, as children we knew what we wanted to be.   Then you hit your twenties and life goes BOOM! You’re completely confused because the plans for yourself have tremendously changed OR you woke up one day and decided you wanted to do something else. Either way, here we are in our twenties, faced with the new question, “what are you doing in your life?”

Stress and depression may soon start to kick in because we realize time waits for no one and ahead all we see is age thirty. BOOM! We need a career, a house, a family, etc. We need all the possessions society tells us we must have. We get so consumed in what we must have by a certain age we tend to forget all of the positive things that is going on around us. We forget to smell the roses.

After it was brought to my attention that I was not smelling the roses and praising the baby steps, I decided to STOP and MAKE A CHANGE. This was brought to my attention a few years ago and since then I have a new outlook and it is still a work in progress.

Here a few tips to slow down: Read more

Is being #2 actually better than #1?

being mary janeAccording to Mary Jane, YES!!!

If you watched Being Mary Jane this week you received a quick crash course on how being #2 is not so bad, in fact it’s actually better. *ques side chicks applause* The shade was real in this episode when Mary Jane gave a speech in front of her “wishing and hoping he was my man’s” wife.  If you missed the READ, here it is:

I’ve found that being number 2 gives you all the glory of being near the top without all the pressures of the number one spot. The job of any great number 2 is to figure out what the number 1 is missing. What they refuse to see and what they’re doing wrong. So take your time, learn, be patient, get better. You will get where you’re supposed to be if you do the work.  Remember, if you don’t, somebody else will. Read more