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5 Lessons on How to Give a Good READ

shadeAfter watching my guilty pleasure, Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) last night I was cracking up over the concept of being “READ”. Now, for those who do NOT know what a “READ” is, let me explain: to READ someone is to CHECK them, put them in their place, basically to let them know you are NOT the one and to NOT even try it!  #BOOM

Now, as Cynthia from RHOA puts it, “when you look better, you read better.” You have to look good while giving and receiving a good READ. And I agree, especially if you’re receiving the READ. Looking busted while receiving a READ is just not a desirable appearance. BUT if your face is beat to the Gwads, and your outfit is Flawless, well then you take that READ and twirl, ESPECIALLY, if you do not have anything else to say.

Let’s be clear, there are rules and regulations to a good READ:

Lesson 1: Make sure your READING the right person. It’s nothing cute about READING someone who didn’t start the shade throwing. Know your audience. Focus that READ to the person that deserves it the most. Target the peanut gallery folks later. Read more

What Your Workspace Says About You and Your Weirdness: By Guest Blogger

wash and dryeSo I’m not sure how the phenomena began but somewhere along the line folks have started using their workspace as a literal home away from home. I’m talking about these cubicles and the ways that people try to make them their own. True story, there’s a woman who has a toaster and a microwave under her desk. When I ask her why she doesn’t just use the one in the kitchen in the company break room, she tells me that she doesn’t want to be responsible for cleaning them if she uses them. There’s another woman down the hall who has at least 30 plants in her workspace. The leaves spill out over her desktop and into the adjoining cubicles and no one says anything!  So just for fun I walk up and down the aisles and I start to categorize the cubicles of the Sistahs. Here they are in no particular order:

Stuffed Sistah: Stuffed animals, stuffed beanie babies, stuffed anything. The entire cubicle is one big advertisement for Nick Junior.

Candy Land Sistah: There’s an M & M dispenser and a bowl of Kit Kats along with glass jars filled with jolly ranchers, Swedish fish and sugar babies.

OO7 Sistah: Always whispering and never without her headphones on. She’s got passwords on the phone, her desktop and on the combination locks on her desk drawers. She’s also got a privacy screen made of the darkest material known to Best Buy.

106 & Park Sistah: Every concert ticket, poster and t-shirt for Trey Songs, Justin Timberlake and Usher can be found in this workspace. She thinks no one notices that she’s always watching music videos and listening to Pandora. Read more

Mother May I? By Guest Blogger

tileah 2tileahThe desire to have a healthy adult relationship with my mother is something that's been plaguing my mind lately. I see so many variations of adult parental relationships in my path and I wonder how to tweak mine to get the right fit.

I recently met a woman who is on the path to entering my profession. Her every sentence it seemed began with "mommy says". This happened to the extent that I had to include her in an activity which included revealing one's age because I thought she couldn't be beyond her early 20's and still need this much guidance in her daily life. As a matter of fact, most of my teenage students don't need that much guidance in their daily lives.  Lo and behold, she was almost 40 and still holding to fast to the belief that her mother was all knowing the way a young child would.

Her constant references to her mother reminded me of the relationship between Howard and his mother on The Big Bang Theory. His mother recognizes that he's old enough to have a sex life (late 20's), but still takes him to the dentist, does his laundry and asks if his friends have permission from their parents to come over and play. In the immortal words of Keith Sweat, something just ain't right! Read more

Interview: Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche Financial Guru

tiffany alicheHave you saved towards your retirement? Have you made any investments to grow your money? Are you like me, and tired of working extra hard but still feel broke? If you have answered Yes or No to any of these questions this article is for you. I recently caught up with the Financial GURU of our time, Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche. She is an award winning, best- selling author, teacher, professional speaker and financial educator.  In 2008, she became an entrepreneur and opened her own firm, “The Budgetnista” which is a professional and educational services firm that specializes in financial literacy.

She has been featured on the TODAY show, Pix11 Morning News, News 12 New Jersey, ESSENCE Magazine,, The Star Ledger, Ebony Magazine,,, Redbook, CBS, Black Enterprise, USA TODAY,, as well as numerous online publications, just to name a few.

Currently, Tiffany “The Bugetnista” is the financial literacy expert for City National Bank and has been has been a featured speaker at American Express, Princeton University, Wyndham Worldwide, Columbia University, The United Way and more…just to name a few. According to her, her main goal is to help you to achieve a clearer understanding of how to more skillfully manage your money.

Recently LCC was able to catch up with the financial guru and here is what she had to say Read more

The Haves and Have Not: 24 Hours in a Day

haves and have notSo much is going on in life that it is easy to fall victim of depression and self doubt.  Current situations are not always what you intended them to be and more than likely can become so overbearing that you lose focus of a hopeful future.  We all have been in situations where the light at the end of the tunnel seems nonexistent. But it comes to a point where we have to be our own cheerleader and root for ourselves.  As the Tyler Perry show depicts, the HAVES and the HAVE NOTS, we have to consciously determine which side are we on; the Haves or the Have Not.

Recently, I was on a celebrity’s Instagram and it said “do not hate on my success, we all have the same 24hours.”  I want you to think about that quote for a minute. Think about how true and accurate that is. Of course, we all come from different backgrounds and have different mitigating circumstances BUT we all have 24 hours to get things done. It all depends on what you chose to do with those 24 hours.  According to best author Robert Greene, of 48 Laws of Power, in his newest book Mastery, he explained it takes a minimum of 10,000 hours to master a skill. How many hours per day are you dedicating to your craft/skill? Read more