The Slings & Arrows of Outrageous Dating By Guest Blogger

cupidI like to think that every experience has a purpose.  I keep trying to figure out the point of all my twisted dead end journeys down romance lane. I think I've finally found it! The purpose my fellow damsels in-not-so-much distress is to share the journey with you! Hopefully to help you avoid some of my pitfalls but definitely to share some laughs and make sure that your headlights are on as you enjoy your travels.

One of my favorite quotes is "men are like buses, if you miss one the next one will be along soon" (adopted from Wendy Cope). Another is from Maya Angelou, "don't just be an aging female, be a real woman." The combination of the two makes for some really interesting social encounters. I spent a couple of years as a “serial dater” and came across some interesting and amusing “buses” along the way.

Bus # 1 is Mr. I'm Not Ready to Commit but I don't want you to see anyone else. He's the guy with whom you go out to romantic dinners, share luminous laughter, have tons in common, hold hands in the street, spend hours on the phone or staring lovingly into each other’s eyes. He involves you in most if not all of his decision making, constantly tells you how much he values you, but reminds you periodically that he's not ready to consider you his girlfriend. What's this dude's deal & what's the definition of girlfriend on his planet?

The remedy: Listen carefully. He'll tell you who he is and what he's about in the midst of sweeping you off your feet. The mistake that most of we female phenoms make is that we think all that stuff from his past doesn't apply to us in the present. But wasn't our most poignant lesson in social studies class that history repeats itself? Read more

Mother May I? By Guest Blogger

tileah 2tileahThe desire to have a healthy adult relationship with my mother is something that's been plaguing my mind lately. I see so many variations of adult parental relationships in my path and I wonder how to tweak mine to get the right fit.

I recently met a woman who is on the path to entering my profession. Her every sentence it seemed began with "mommy says". This happened to the extent that I had to include her in an activity which included revealing one's age because I thought she couldn't be beyond her early 20's and still need this much guidance in her daily life. As a matter of fact, most of my teenage students don't need that much guidance in their daily lives.  Lo and behold, she was almost 40 and still holding to fast to the belief that her mother was all knowing the way a young child would.

Her constant references to her mother reminded me of the relationship between Howard and his mother on The Big Bang Theory. His mother recognizes that he's old enough to have a sex life (late 20's), but still takes him to the dentist, does his laundry and asks if his friends have permission from their parents to come over and play. In the immortal words of Keith Sweat, something just ain't right! Read more

Virtuous Magazine: Interview with Author Brittany Davis

brittany davisShe’s an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, a published author, a wife, and most importantly a child of God. I recently had the opportunity of catching up with Brittany Davis, creator of Virtuous Magazine to discuss her book, Style Your Soul: Get Dressed from the Inside Out, her magazine, and upcoming projects.

As a woman, it seems as if we were designed to multi-task and handle everything and Brittany is no stranger to multi-tasking. From writing for her magazine, writing new books, plus public motivational speaking, Brittany knows where her help comes from and she keeps grounded by her faith and trust in God. “I am so passionate about sharing the love of God with others through Virtuous and showing how fulfilling your life can be when it’s dedicated to Him.” With a love for fashion and her faithful love for God, Brittany wondered how she could merge the two passions and with that came, Virtuous Magazine.  Check out the rest of the interview below: Read more

My Journey to Becoming a Vegan: By Guest Blogger

vegan picI was never the type of person to challenge myself, so becoming a vegan was literally a thought in my mind of things I would never do.  It really went on the same list as skydiving, just simply no for me! My cousin, Razi’ El Muntasir, became a life coach teaching the importance of holistic lifestyles. I went to a seminar he had at Long Island University, and he drew me in, but I still didn’t think of incorporating what I learned with myself.

One day shortly after New Years of 2008, I was hanging out with my cousins watching a movie. Razi’ El asks, “Is that you breathing like that?” In response to his aggressive tone, I just denied everything! I then followed the denial with excuses about my bronchitis and being born with “nasaly” voice. Then he follows with, “Listen, that’s not attractive, you can’t walk around breathing like that, you need to fix that!” Now every woman wants a man, so as soon as you hear that something you’re doing is a turn-off you immediately are willing to fix it. Razi El says, “It’s very simple to fix this problem. People often underestimate the power of their own bodies. Your body has all the tools you need to heal it. Your responsibility is to fuel it with natural foods.”  Razi’ El instructed me to change my diet.

At this time I was also looking to lose weight, about 20 lbs. But the thought, No cream? No mac n’ cheese? No scrambled, poached, sunny side-up (which I didn’t even really like) eggs? No Turkey? NO! I can’t do this! But I thought to myself, you know what Sara? You try it for two weeks and see what happens. So I made a commitment that night. The next morning I went to the grocery store and I grabbed some almond milk for my cereal. Then for lunch and dinner I became more creative with salads. I started making my own secret dressing, and added in things like artichoke hearts and olives, I made things interesting. Soon to follow was the start of my first commitment to a gym routine. Read more

Two Steps To Creating a lifestyle of Your Dreams

tileahIn life we all have our hopes, dreams and desires but only a few will actually make those dreams come true. Based on magazines, news, and social media, we see tangible things that we want and ultimately have a desire to obtain them. From Pinterest and magazines, depicting to us the latest trends in interior designs, to designer clothing and shoes, we become engulf in this fantasy lifestyle that we want to create.  But how do we manage our current lifestyle in order to get into our fantasy lifestyle?

As the old cliché goes, people are trying to keep up with the Jones’s-who ever they are. Sadly, many people live above their means trying to create a lifestyle of lux and glam before building the foundation to uphold such reward.  We all want and deserve nice things, but everything comes with a price.  The lifestyle that we want for ourselves and the lifestyle we see celebrities and superstars living, did you ever wonder how did they get there? Did you ever put yourself in their shoes? Some people aren’t born with a silver spoon and therefore they have to work to obtain the life of glam and lux. Living above your means, may last for a while but eventually that to will come to an end.

Read more