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Being single may be the best option… until “one of THOSE nights” By Guest Blogger

Bulding my empire check lisFor some women, at a certain point in their life it may be best to be single. If you’re grinding out in your career, in school, working towards a goal; these task can hinder a relationship and vice-versa. You are unable to give him the attention he needs, and the time that the relationship needs to grow or even be healthy. The flip side to that would be, you give your all to the relationship, and your goals have to be put on the back burner. This is BY NO MEANS saying that women can’t have it all. I’m simply saying that there are certain stages in life that being single may be the best option. It just may not always seem that way when you are in that stage…

Every so often, there’s “one of THOSE nights” when you sitting at the computer at work. Everyone else is home with their families, and it hits you; Damn, I’m single. You’re not sad, depresses, and/or lonely, but on that particular night, you want company. You look thru your phone and let your mind wonder on who to call; but for those who come to mind, wouldn’t understand that you JUST want company. You want to be held, but not pursued. Maybe a kiss, but not a nibble. Read more

The Slings & Arrows of Outrageous Dating By Guest Blogger

cupidI like to think that every experience has a purpose.  I keep trying to figure out the point of all my twisted dead end journeys down romance lane. I think I've finally found it! The purpose my fellow damsels in-not-so-much distress is to share the journey with you! Hopefully to help you avoid some of my pitfalls but definitely to share some laughs and make sure that your headlights are on as you enjoy your travels.

One of my favorite quotes is "men are like buses, if you miss one the next one will be along soon" (adopted from Wendy Cope). Another is from Maya Angelou, "don't just be an aging female, be a real woman." The combination of the two makes for some really interesting social encounters. I spent a couple of years as a “serial dater” and came across some interesting and amusing “buses” along the way.

Bus # 1 is Mr. I'm Not Ready to Commit but I don't want you to see anyone else. He's the guy with whom you go out to romantic dinners, share luminous laughter, have tons in common, hold hands in the street, spend hours on the phone or staring lovingly into each other’s eyes. He involves you in most if not all of his decision making, constantly tells you how much he values you, but reminds you periodically that he's not ready to consider you his girlfriend. What's this dude's deal & what's the definition of girlfriend on his planet?

The remedy: Listen carefully. He'll tell you who he is and what he's about in the midst of sweeping you off your feet. The mistake that most of we female phenoms make is that we think all that stuff from his past doesn't apply to us in the present. But wasn't our most poignant lesson in social studies class that history repeats itself? Read more

Does Your Family Influence Your Dating Life?

tileah*Plot* My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 6 months and we are very compatible. He has two children from a previous relationship and has a very good paying career. I do not have any children. He makes me happy and vice versa, we are each others soul mates. We are thinking of taking the next step and getting a place together, but first he must meet my family. Uh oh, I wonder how this will go.

Last week, I was watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta and thought about the discussion/ debate between Kandi and her mother, Mama Joyce over Kandi’s fiancé Todd.  It made me think of the question, could your family be too involved in your bedroom?

When we get into relationships, one of the many hurdles us women put our significant other under is the ‘family test.’ We want to bring him around our families and see how he meshes in. Does my mom like him? How about the grandparents? Can he interact with my cousins? And the ultimate, does my father like him? These are all the questions and then some that race through our minds when we have a new special love interest. But what if your family isn’t too receptive? What do you do now? Read more

Top Reasons For Dating Older

To date older or to not date older, that is the question? Have you every dated older? How was the experience? Did the relationship last? How did your families react? These are just a few questions people ask when they find out someone is dating someone almost or more than 10 years older.  From married couples Jay Z and Beyonce having a 12 year age difference, Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim having a 20 year age difference to the infamous Huge Hefner and Crystal Harris having a 60 year age difference, it makes you wonder why would someone date someone so much older than them. What could they possibly have in common?

roland garros celebs 060610

hugh hefner n crystalWomen dating older men are quite the norm in society these days; you can always find a young "tenderoni" on the arms of a salt and pepper haired man.  When you think of a man dating a younger woman they are viewed as “the man” they are cheered on by society for their actions. However, when an older woman dates a younger man, she is considered a “cougar” and “trying to get her groove back”. The stigma is different for both genders and depending on how liberal you are will determine how you judge the situation.

Here are 5 Pros and Cons for dating older men: Read more

Why Do Women Cheat?

tileahIf you’re a television junkie such as me, think back a few years to Season 3 of the popular HBO series Sex and the City when Carrie did the unthinkable, she cheated on Aidan. 0__0 My jaw dropped, I couldn’t breathe (yes, I’m dramatic at times) but how dare she do such a horrid act to someone who loved her so deeply.

Aidan was your ideal mate. Entrepreneur, hard working, charming, still believed in chivalry, he sometimes looked a little rough around the edges but sexy nevertheless.  Carrie came first in his life…well alongside his dog Pete of course, but you get the point.  Aidan was all about Carrie and Carrie “appeared” to be all about Aidan.  So what happened?

I often wonder when I hear scenarios like this, why do people cheat on people that love them so much? How can you constantly ask for a “good” man (ladies, you know we are always praying to God to send us a “good” man,lol) and some of us don’t know how to handle them once we get him.  Why is this sometimes the case? According to an article I read on the Huffington Post women cheat for 5 reasons:[1

Read more