Losing that Muffin Top

belly fatCan you still zip those jeans? Is that shirt a little snug? Can’t quite fit that “fitted” jacket anymore? Well, welcome to what I call the Holiday Tummy Blues. November and December have to the best/ worst two months of the year when it comes to that tummy chub. Between Thanksgiving, holiday parties, Christmas dinner, and New Years Eve drinks, that belly chub is just protruding by the hour.  Don’t feel bad, we all have been there; heck some of us are still there. BUT the key is to NOT stay there, especially if it’s at an unhealthy stage.

Belly chub is always the hardest to lose as women, whether you had a child or not belly chub is the hardest to conquer, specifically as you get older. According to Dr. Oz, t number one reason it’s so hard to lose belly fat: hormones. With menopause comes a drop in estrogen; this decrease alters where the body stores fat, making women more prone to gaining visceral belly fat. Other hormonal imbalances during this time can leave the body feeling hungry, even after eating. Sleep disturbances, common in perimenopause and menopause, are associated with decreased levels of leptin (an appetite suppressant) and increased levels of ghrelin (an appetite stimulant). Additionally, the stresses of life – kids, college tuitions or the mortgage – can lead to an increase in cortisol, the “stress hormone,” which also triggers your body to store fat around the middle.[1]

While stress may be one of the causes of your chub, one cause is definitely not backing away from the table. Let’s face it, we have to take control of the situation and stop placing blame.

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Top 5 Reasons to Try HOT Yoga: By Guest Blogger

hot yoaA friend of mine suggested we try Hot Yoga. I’d been researching it for a while, and wanted to try it; but never followed through with it. It has now been 2 months and I now have a love/hate relationship with hot yoga (formally called Bikram Yoga).

What is Bikram Hot Yoga?:

  • 90 minute workout
  • 105 – 110 degree temperature
  • Humidity of 40-50%
  • Consist of breathing exercises + 26 postures
  • Works every muscle, ligament and joint in your body

When I tell people that I do Hot Yoga, they look at me like I’m crazy. The first thing they ask is “Since when do black girls do Hot Yoga?” or “What about your hair?” I just laugh; although my hair was a MAJOR concern of mine initially. My first day of class was after work. My hair was braided and I wore long black yoga pants, and matching black racer-back fitted top. By the end of class, my braids were sweating and my clothes were soaked; as if I’d just finished swimming in a pool fully clothed. After class, I could barely speak, I felt like I was dying a slow death. After gathering myself and driving back home, I didn’t even want to enter into my house with my clothes on; nor did I want to put them in my hamper. All I wanted was a shower and then my bed.

The next morning, I felt like I had the combined strength of the Power Rangers. I felt so relaxed and my body felt good. It was the best feeling EVER!    

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Interview with New Jersey’s Popular Fitness Trainer Adrienne Felder

adrienne felderLADIES, whether you want a firm booty, wash board abs or toned arms and legs the only way to get there is by exercising. These quick fix routines that are being advertised are mostly hoaxes and are probably unhealthy for your body in the long run.

I started my workout routine last year when I joined LA Fitness. That was short lived because I became lazy and stopped going :( Don’t judge me, it happens to many of us lol. However, the times I did go I would take a muscle toning class that had a great instructor. For me, classes work best because I need interaction with others when I work out. Plus, I’m clueless in the gym so having an instructor really helps. 

After going to those classes I found the instructor very skillful at training plus she pushed everyone to their limits. The little time and effort I did put in had my legs and booty looking right!  It’s like she knew everyone personally and knew how far to push them. I liked that personal factor about it because it proved she actually cared. I know trainers are paid to do their job but it’s good to find a trainer that actually cares.  She even expresses her personality through her routines, jokes here and there and the music was always pumping. You can get your workout on plus get your groove back. Sadly, I stopped going to the gym and she stopped training there but she continues her journey as a fitness trainer and she is sculpting the lives and bodies of many. LCC was able to catch up with the busy Fitness Trainer Adrienne Felder  and here is what she had to say:

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Top 10 Reasons You Want Jeanette Jenkins As Your Fitness Trainer

jeanette jenkinsEverybody knows celebrity fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins is the paramount when it comes to fitness training. She has been enhancing her fitness skills for decades now and it wasn’t until two years ago that I heard about her. If you’re shaking your head at me, please continue, I felt the same way. She is such a phenomenon in the fitness and nutritionist world; I don’t know where I have been all these years. It could be that I was never into fitness and healthy eating habits until most recently and that’s when the research begun.  After seeing the fabulous singer Kelly Rowland body transformation, I was completely curious as to who was training her. When I discovered that it was Jeanette Jenkins, I knew I had to figure out who she was.

After viewing her site,  which is very awesome, following her on twitter and instagram and learning more about the work she does in the community I developed 10 top reasons why I need her as my trainer. Read more

Thinking about getting a health coach?

seek-a-health-coachAs we enter into the last quarter of the year and I reflect on my physical fitness, I must say, I could have done better. I could have eaten healthier, went to the gym more often, did more physical activities, plus intake of more veggies and fruits. Well, I did get better with more intakes of veggies and fruits, but of course there is always room for improvement.

This time I decided to hire a health coach. Why? Well because when it comes to physical overall fitness I am very lazy, plus I love a cheerleader by my side. Of course, you don’t need this to help you improve your fitness and health, but I hope to find that it will help me.  What is a health coach? Read more