Ways to Bring Out Your Inner Fashionista

Spring is here and it is time to bring out the Innerista in you. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself through clothing and fashion blogger and Style Era boutique owner Elizabeth Achampong is all about giving you the latest fads and trends as well as encouraging women to find their Innerista. Through her blog site, Elizabeth encourages young women to embrace their bodies and take charge of their own fashion.  Women are now defining who they are by what they wear and it is important to wear something that represents you.

LCC had the honor of interviewing Elizabeth Achampong; here is what she had to say: Read more

Would You Like Your Own Personal Stylist?

As we start a new month and begin a new season we must embrace not only the change from within in but also the outer change, through FASHION.  This past week I had the pleasure of meeting up and coming fashion stylists Paige Jeter and Naya Taylor of Elle & Anya Styling out of New Jersey.  These two young ladies, with their unique personalities and style are sure to bring the fashionista out of you.  Their purpose is NOT to change you but rather assist you embrace that inner glam diva.Paige Jeter believes your style is apart of your way of life. “Fashion is not just clothing to me it's a way of life. It's how you carry yourself, how you feel in your clothes, and you making the outfit not the outfit making you.” Naya Taylor believes that a person’s wardrobe reflects their attitudes and spirits. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh new wardrobe to help brighten up someone’s day.

LCC had the honor of interviewing fashion stylists Paige and Naya; here is what they had to say: Read more

What Does Your Nail Polish Say About You?

Have you ever looked at someone’s nails and polish and formed a personality assessment of them? Do you view that chipped nail polish as tacky and lazy? Well, if you’re like most women then the answer would be, “yes”.  A simple un-manicured hand can totally throw off your perception of someone. It’s sad, but it’s true. But, with spring right around the corner, it is time to break out those vibrant nail polishes and get those cuticles cut.  If you read my bio you would know that I am a nail polish fanatic.  I love manicures and pedicures and the brighter the polish the better.  My polish always reflects my personality and my current mood.  What does your polish say about you?

Reds- You’re confident, bold, and courageous. You walk into a room and you OWN it!

Blues/Blacks-You’re timid, mysterious, and secretive. When people see you they wonder, what is she thinking?

Pinks- You’re flirty, sweet, and charming, the girl’s next door.

Orange- You’re outgoing, vibrant, most certainly a social butterfly. People cannot wait until you arrive to the party.

Silver/Gold/Metallic – ROCKSTAR!

Glitter- Bling Bling , all eyes on you!

Nude-you’re traditional and straightforward. If the nail polish is nude, it means business.

Whichever color you prefer have fun with it and OWN it!

You better Werk!! #MakeOver


Tileah Aisha




Fall Trends… Accessorize!

In light of makeover Monday, here are a few accessory trends for Fall 2012.


If your looking to change up your style a bit or add a little flair this fall check out these accessories that will help.



One trend that has continued over the years and seasons, are the oversized handbags. From totes to bowler bags, all the designers have a little something for you to choose from.










For the workingwoman, portfolios are in this fall as well. Whether they are over the shoulder or hand held, sleek portfolios are the workingwoman’s “power tie”.













When the weather calls for some boots, knee high are the way to go.  It can be leather or suede, stiletto or wedge, or even a flat, as long as it’s knee high your in the mix.

Keep the pumps in mind, but switch it up a bit. The fall is time for a chunkier heel, and add a thick strap. Make sure they are closed toe ladies! Play around with colors.













Keeping with the shoe theme, remix them.  Find shoes with several materials, such as leather and fabric, or suede and leather, etc.  Go for different textures, mix prints with solids. Don’t settle for one color. You can go classic and safe with black and brown, or add some color to liven up the shoe.












Last but not least, the metal of the fall is silver.  Polished, sculptured, or brushed silver is the jewelry to top off your wardrobe this fall.


Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee



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