The Circle You Keep

the circle you keepAs a child my mother always told me to pay attention to my surroundings when I am out public.  That means pay attention when I cross the streets, look for exit signs if I’m in big arenas, take heed to the people around me if I’m in a crowded area.  The whole point is to pay attention to what’s around me.

As a grown woman this concept of paying attention to my surroundings has a deeper meaning.  It’s more than watching those around you; it’s about who I decide to stay around.  We all heard the old cliché’ “birds of a feather flock together.” I find that to be an accurate statement.  People tend to hang around those they can relate to, people that are on their same level, people that can understand them, and people that share the same interest.  People want to be around like minded individuals and with that come a story of who you are. As the old saying goes, “show me who you hang with I’ll show you who you are.”  Who you hang around with tells a juicy story about who you are.

We all have friends from childhood that are more like relatives. Those are people we consider “ride or dies” they were there before you had what you had and they will be there afterwards.  However, those should also be people that do not bring you down. They may not be on the same level as you and that’s okay, but they also should try to bring you off your level. Who you surround yourself with influences how high you rise. Read more

Review: Agave Restaurant West Village NYC

tileah 2This past Sunday I had the privilege to attend a NYC bloggers brunch hosted at Agave Restaurant located in the West Village of New York City. It’s a Mexican southwestern style restaurant. The ambiance was very chic and the soothing music was refreshing. There was a sidewalk outdoor area and lots of natural light shining inside the restaurant. My party was seated in the ‘downstairs’ portion of the restaurant. The natural light was not as vibrant ‘downstairs’ but it was adequate.

The service was good- quality.  Our waitress came over right away to take our drink orders and she recommended the “bottomless brunch” menu with 2 hours of unlimited mimosas.  Normally, I would have opted for that but that day ginger ale and water suited me just fine. However, the rest of my party indulged and they enjoyed themselves.

The menu was extensive, especially if you liked eggs. I found that most of the dishes included eggs, including the pre-fixed “bottomless brunch” menu; all of the options included eggs. Since I am not a fan of eggs I found my selections to be limited. I decided on the Agave’s Chicken Wrap. It was grilled chicken mixed with watercress slaw, a mango chutney sauce wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with sweet potatoes fries. It wasn’t bad but I’ve had better. I think the mango sauce threw me off, too sweet.

Overall, the experience was enjoyable. I was amongst good company and the service staff was very polite and friendly.  I  recommend you to try it for yourself, and if you love eggs, I highly recommend it.

I hear they have REALLY good margaritas  and over 83 kinds of tequila, so I will be back again ;)

Agave Restaurant- 140 7th Avenue S NY NY

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Two Steps To Creating a lifestyle of Your Dreams

tileahIn life we all have our hopes, dreams and desires but only a few will actually make those dreams come true. Based on magazines, news, and social media, we see tangible things that we want and ultimately have a desire to obtain them. From Pinterest and magazines, depicting to us the latest trends in interior designs, to designer clothing and shoes, we become engulf in this fantasy lifestyle that we want to create.  But how do we manage our current lifestyle in order to get into our fantasy lifestyle?

As the old cliché goes, people are trying to keep up with the Jones’s-who ever they are. Sadly, many people live above their means trying to create a lifestyle of lux and glam before building the foundation to uphold such reward.  We all want and deserve nice things, but everything comes with a price.  The lifestyle that we want for ourselves and the lifestyle we see celebrities and superstars living, did you ever wonder how did they get there? Did you ever put yourself in their shoes? Some people aren’t born with a silver spoon and therefore they have to work to obtain the life of glam and lux. Living above your means, may last for a while but eventually that to will come to an end.

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What would you do if you were Anthony Weiner’s wife?

anthony weiner and wifeThe NYC mayoral elections are just next week and political candidates are doing their best to persuade voters.  From different ads on television, trooping throughout different communities and promising to make NYC a safer and better place, the candidates have been very busy in their political lives. But what about their personal lives? How does all of this attention affect their homes?

Well, one women that has been in the news just as much as her husband is Democrat Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin.  Since Weiner’s sexting scandal was exposed AGAIN, media and press have been on the look out to see if his wife was going to leave his side this time.  With embarrassing and humiliating information being exposed about her husband, yet again and their marriage, it does make you wonder why she sticks by his side. According to People magazine, "Huma has a very strong moral character, and she made a commitment for better or worse," explains her longtime friend, New York businesswoman Rory Tahari.[1] Could you do this for your man? Read more

Latitude Bar & Grill Review

latitude bar and grillLooking for a great after work social located in Midtown Manhattan, I suggest you stroll to Latitude Bar & Grill.  Located in Hell’s Kitchen, it has 3 floors to have a drink, grab a bite to eat and two step while you’re at it.

It was a ladies night and my friends and I decided to give it a try. The music was bumping, nice bouncers at the door and the dance floor was packed. We decided to go to the rooftop since it was a nice summer night.  Great view, drinks were flowing and people were mingling.  What I love most about this place is the vibe. It is very welcoming; you can wear your business skirt, or throw on your 4inch heels and glam it up.  The crowd is very mixed and everyone is there just to have a good time.

If you’re looking for a chilled place to mingle, have a good drink and listen to good music, Latitude is the place to go.

Located at 783 8th Avenue (Between 47th & 48th)
New York, NY 10036

*TIP* Order the French Fries, the 3 dipping sauces are DELISH!

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