Can You Compete With The Best?

The Olympics is finally here : ) It only comes every 4 years and it is highly anticipated by so many.  When I think of the 4 year intervals it makes me wonder, why is there such a long delay? Why must we wait 4 years to see the “best” perform/ compete?  Being considered an Olympian means you are the best in the world. These men and women are distinguished in their craft and in order to really know how good you are you have to compete with the best.  In order to be the best you have to compete against the best, and that is what the Olympics represents.  So as I think about the 4 year intervals and I think about competing with the best, it makes me reflect on my own life and endeavors.  Am I competing with the best? Are my skills being used to the best of my ability to compete with the best? Hmm…

Here is how I measure the 4 year intervals.  This is the minimum amount of time it takes to re-focus and train your skill.  In those 4 years it is your time to grind, think, meditate, and take action on your ultimate goal.  Within those 4 years you should overcome any obstacles that may be a hinder.  These years are just a representation and reminder that time continues whether you’re ready or not.  Within in those 4 years if you have not mastered your skill and craft the Olympics will continue, just without you.  And that is how life operates.  With or without you, life will go on and the best will continue to press forward.  This reminds me of how precious time is and how I must utilize those 24hours in a day very strategic if I want to master my skill and compete against the best.  Time is truly of the essence and it is not something we should take for granted.

How are you spending your days? Would you qualify for the Olympics in your specific job/ craft? Are you ready to compete with the best? Think about your daily task and ensure that daily you are working towards being the best.  Always give your endeavors your 100% percent attention and personally you will always be a winner!

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Tileah Aisha