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blood sweat and heels


Bravo has grasps the attention of all of “black” twitter once again with its newest show Blood Sweat & Heels. And let’s just say, as the previews portray the ratchet is sure to come out. Le Sigh. I was really excited and rooting for this show because I thought it was about entrepreneurial strong women and their careers and friendships. BUT I should have known positive television rarely exist anymore. Don’t get me wrong, a few of the ladies I adore. I definitely respect their drive in their career and how they are handling their careers. HOWEVER, casting a group of young adult women will always call for popcorn and a slurpee because it’s bound to get hood one way or another.

First, let’s discuss the storyline of Melyssa Ford. She is changing her life around and attempting to overshadow her video vixen past. Kudos to you and good luck. Most of the time when you’re past is trashy and whorish, it’s hard to change that image. But I commend you to making a change and keep doing you. Everyone has a past, so what!

Demetrica Lucas- Prior to the show I’ve always enjoyed her blog and her writing style. After seeing this episode I can say that I like her too. She’s very forward and direct with her message and she stands for what she believes. My biggest “bravo” moment for me was when she told the other ladies, ‘if I have to call another woman to ask about MY man then that’s HER man” Preach Preach and Preach again. Hallelujah!!!  So tired of hearing females calling other girls like, “have you been messing with my man”.. ugh tacky, ghetto, and nobody has time for that.  Figure out if it’s your man before you call me.

Daisy Lewellyn- Now, she’s very over the top with her personality but that’s fine. But to sit on national television with your feet in a random pedicure chair talking about the so called, characteristics of a blogger is ludicrous.  Demetrica did NOT lie on her blog and she talked about something that YOU felt comfortable talking about with cameras in your face. Girl Bye.

Brie Bythewood- Still hasn’t figured you out yet. BUT I will say this, it’s disheartening to know that you believe women cannot rule or be the “boss” per-say. Very disheartening, I don’t know you, so I do not know why you feel inferior to men, but hunny women are true leaders.

Geneva S. Thomas-  Absolutely Hilarious. She had me giggling the most throughout the whole episode.  Between the sex toys and talk and the previews of her sucking some gentlemen’s face, let’s figure out this love story. Lol

Mica Hughes- Four Words: PUT THE BOTTLE DOWN. I mean seriously, does she wake up drunk? That first scene of her was just awkward and she appeared drunk throughout the whole episode. And might I add the previews for future episodes did her no justice, she was drunk in all of them. I guess she is drunk and in love with Terry’s puppy dog self. But after getting caught cheating and she still kept your trifling @$$ ,I stay do what you do boo. *ques Coming to America* “whatever you like….”

Welp, ladies that’s all I have for you on this. I was really hoping this was going to be a funny uplifting reality show, but who was I kidding; ratchet rules television land these days.

Did you watch it? What did you think? Let’s Chick Chat about it


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