Being single may be the best option… until “one of THOSE nights” By Guest Blogger

Bulding my empire check lisFor some women, at a certain point in their life it may be best to be single. If you’re grinding out in your career, in school, working towards a goal; these task can hinder a relationship and vice-versa. You are unable to give him the attention he needs, and the time that the relationship needs to grow or even be healthy. The flip side to that would be, you give your all to the relationship, and your goals have to be put on the back burner. This is BY NO MEANS saying that women can’t have it all. I’m simply saying that there are certain stages in life that being single may be the best option. It just may not always seem that way when you are in that stage…

Every so often, there’s “one of THOSE nights” when you sitting at the computer at work. Everyone else is home with their families, and it hits you; Damn, I’m single. You’re not sad, depresses, and/or lonely, but on that particular night, you want company. You look thru your phone and let your mind wonder on who to call; but for those who come to mind, wouldn’t understand that you JUST want company. You want to be held, but not pursued. Maybe a kiss, but not a nibble.

You go thru your mental list of ex’s. Of course they all want you back (#YeaISaidIt), but they all have to be handled differently based on the baggage that they bring to the table. There’s the one who you want back as a friend, but he wants you back as his wife. There’s the one who you want to hate because he cheated on you, but truth be told, he is great company.

Then you go thru the list of potential boo’s; that you’ve been keeping at an arm’s reach as you continue to build your empire. There’s the one you want to call, but you would be DEVESTATED if he declines your offer or is “unavailable”. There’s the one you’ve been flirting back and forth with; technically you two are “friends-that-flirt”, but an invitation to your house will DEFINITELY send a message filled with blurred lines that you are not prepared to deal with on this particular night. (Insert Robin Thicke’s song here, and play on repeat… lol)

So what’s a girl to do?

… If I knew, I wouldn’t be writing this blog on “one of THOSE nights”.

Live, Laugh, LOVE!

Guest Blogger- Shené V. Owens

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