Are Your Standards True To You?

Every girl has her standards or ideal man, right? Well question is, when do those standards become too high to be realistic for the men we meet out there?

There is nothing wrong with having standards, I have them myself. However, sometimes the standards may not be so realistic for what we truly want. There are your basic standards, such as having a job, his own place, his own car, supportive, want children, attractive, etc. But at what point do your standards become so excessive that the man you’ve created in your head does not exist? I know you never want to settle and why should you? But setting more realistic ideas of a partner isn’t settling. It’s tweaking so you have a better chance of finding the right match for you. There have been times where I’ve seen women turn down great guys they’ve met because they fall short on a requirement or two.  I know that we as women are coming up in this world and we expect men to match our success or better. But what are we using to measure that success? Jobs, status, money, fame, or assets? Try to reevaluate your standards, not lower them. Ask yourself, what is truly important to make you happy?  Think about what you need to be happy in a relationship versus what you want.

We all want a man who has a job, that’s without question, but does he have to make more than you, does it have to be a high position, does it have to of a certain stature? Say you meet a man who tries to give you the world, treats you like the queen you are, wants the same things in life as you, and have a chemistry like no other, will you stop dating this man because his job isn’t up to your standards? Now you meet a man with the type of job you require your man to have, but he never has time for you, tries to “buy you off” as apologies, and you always feel like something is missing. Which guy would you choose?

Using a job is just one and the most common examples, but apply that same rationalization to other requirements you have. Are those really worth missing out on a wonderful guy? Like I said before, don’t lower your standards, and please keep having them, but know what truly matters. Standards are our way of giving guys rules and boundaries.

If you are attracted to him and he to you, he treats you like no other, puts you on a pedestal, and you can’t stop thinking about him, step back and think ultimately, is this your ideal man who will truly make you happy emotionally, spiritually, and physically, not just materialistically.

Love has no rules, so try letting some go.


Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee