Are You Running The Winners Lap?

finish lineIf you know me, or want to get to know me, you will find that I am known for making extreme analogies when it comes to comparing stages of life. When I feel someone doesn’t fully grasps a concept, I try to change the scenario to a level that will make it easier to understand. With that in mind, I started to think about the victory lap in a race. Have you ever watched a race and/or ran in a race, did you ever notice the victory lap that the winners run at the end? Oddly enough, I’ve always pay close attention to the victory lap. Why you ask? It’s because the appearance of victory is appealing to me. I love to see people conquer their goals. The expression of defeating something that more than likely someone said you couldn’t is always attractive.

Have you every conquered or achieve anything? Do you remember your expression? I’m pretty sure it was passionate. When you work really hard at something and it finally pays off you can’t help but be filled with joy. BUT here is the kicker with the victory lap. In order to run the victory lap, it means two points; one, you RAN the race and two, you WON. Those two key factors are very important to understand. In order to get to the point of victory you have to be IN the race, and once you’re IN the race you have to WIN the race.

It may sound easier said than done but if you ever ran in a race you will notice there is this opponent called your competition. Competition is vast and wide, it comes in all shades, colors, ages,  sizes, pay scales and attitudes. Competition can be your best worst enemy friend. It can be your enemy on one hand because it is trying to take you something from you and/or prevent you from getting to the next point. It can also be your best friend because your competition can be your motivation. Who wouldn’t feel good breaking records or surpassing the legends? You are simply setting the next standard.

Being able to run the victory lap is a great accomplishment. It takes lots of time, courage, and hard work in order to get to that point. Lots of training, practice, and so much more, it doesn’t come easy and it’s not for the faint spirits. Stand strong in your craft, perfect it, own it, claim it, and run your victory lap.

Have you run your victory lap? How did it feel? Remember it doesn’t matter how big or small, as long as you’re IN the race you are bound to WIN!

Tileah Aisha

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