Are you overdosing on vitamins?

As the cold weather approaches and the germs begin to spread a thousand miles per hour, I normally load my body up with vitamins. Women’s One-a-day, vitamin C, B12, and E are my favorites, and if I am feeling sluggish I pop an Iron pill.  This has been my routine for several years now; and today as I read the Women’s Health Magazine online I find out now that perhaps I shouldn’t take too many vitamins.

The article discussed various vitamins that are common that women and people in general should be cautious of. I guess it is one those cliches' where, too much of a good thing can be bad for you.  After reading this article I became aware of the long term side effects associated with the overload of certain vitamins. Who would have known that vitamins may have an adverse side effect, yet, if you lack the supplement there is also a drawback as well.  I guess when it comes to the body you can never be 100% accurate in the way your body will react.

Taking into account how many vitamins I take, versus what the article shares I think I am in the clear. One main concept I grasp from the article is that due to the amount of nutrients we obtain from certain foods we may already have the daily dose of vitamin within us already.  This was a great eye opening for me because I do try to eat a balance meal (although it’s difficult at times) but knowing that I may be overloading my body with vitamins lets me know where to slow down. Are you overdosing on vitamins and not even realizing it? What does your diet consist of? These are valid questions we all must ask ourselves.

I love reading health articles because they are great eye openers, even if the news is scary. As women we must take care of our bodies and understand how different substances affect us.  No one can know your body as good as you know it. Only I can judge how my body ultimately feels and the same goes for you.  Doctors can tell you what the symptoms may feel like but only you can tell if you’re actually having those feelings.

Check out the article in the Women's Health Magazine and see for yourself if you’re overloading your body with vitamins.

Healthy never felt so sexy! #wellness


Tileah Aisha