Are you leaving things in 2012?

It’s already day 7 of 2013. Time seriously doesn’t wait for anyone. As I embark on this New Year, I posed a question to myself; did I leave some things back in 2012?  I know it may sound harsh, but in order to move forward sometimes you MUST leave something in the past. Whether that is a situation, a habit, or a person, it must be left behind in order for something new to occur.  Many times we try to hold on to the past and still expect something great for the future.  Unfortunately, things do not happen that way, we must let go before we can move on. So what did you leave behind in 2012?

Well for starters, I left a few people behind. That’s right, I went through my phone and unless it was business related if I do not talk to you more than twice a year, DELETE. Clearly, our friendship is not that important if we do not speak yearly, so why be bothered.  Sorry, if I come off harsh, it’s just reality.  Second thing I left behind was my attitude of being lazy.  Laziness is a hell of a disease that infects many lives.  I chose to leave my lazy behavior back in 2012 so I can focus on other things and be successful.  A lazy demeanor is not going to build an empire, and I have a lot to accomplish.  And lastly, I left behind any negative energy I had. I am normally a positive and upbeat person but sometimes I let stress get the best of me and I tend to think about the bad side before I focus on the good side.  This is something that I need to and will change because positive attracts positive and at this point in my life I deserve positive energy in all realms.

I would like to open this discussion up and see what you all have to say. I think this will be a good way for us to interact and share how we plan to move forward and perhaps help each other on our journey.

So, did you leave anything behind in 2012?

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Tileah Aisha