Are you in need of a Stay-cation? 5 Relaxation Tips to Ease the Mind

Backgrounds_7881Are you exhausted? Worn out? Do you constantly have a headache? Are you short-tempered lately? Perhaps you need some R&R, Rest and Relaxation. Work , work, work,  tends to be the norm of all of our lives. Running after this, trying to accomplish that, building this, studying that, we work so hard to achieve certain things that sometimes we forget to enjoy life.

As much as we have to focus on achieving our goals, we also must remember to take pleasure in the little things and enjoy life day by day.  Here are a few R&R suggestions:

  1. Stay a weekend at a hotel:  Book a hotel suite for just yourself and relax in your own thoughts. Take a nice aromatherapy bubble bath, light some candles, read a book and become one with your inner zen
  2. Spa day: Make an appointment with a very plush day spa and pamper yourself to a relaxing massage and facial. Enjoy all the amenities and do not think about anything stressful. This is your spa day; enjoy it on your own.
  3.  Listen to music: turn on some smooth tunes and become one with the beat. Majority of the time, the right music can change your whole outlook on different situations
  4. Enjoy Nature:  Take a hike or nature trail. Become one with nature and enjoy the wonders of the world that God created for us.
  5. Sleep: Sometimes our bodies just become so drained and overwhelmed that we do not have the energy to do anything else.   Fluff your pillows, put on your favorite PJs and just rest. Your body needs time to rejuvenate itself, give it that time and catch some beauty rest

These are just a few tips for your stay-cation. What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? Share your tips, we all would love to read them.

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Tileah Aisha