Are you conceited…with a reason? 3 Confident Boosters

I normally reminisce and listen to old school hip hop music and this time Remy Ma’s song, “Conceited” came on. I am a big fan of Remy Ma and this song in particular just does it for me.  Now, I understand her lyrics can be a little raunchy but this song gives you that self confidence that you sometimes need.  With so much going on in my life and new adventures starting to unfold, I needed a little boost of confidence and yep I found it with this song. LoL. (Don’t judge me)

I have learned when you go through challenging times or even overwhelming times we all need a little confidence booster. Even if the people around you are cheering you on, sometimes we just have to encourage our selves for it to actually have an impact. When I am overwhelmed I do 3 things first for my confidence boost:


  1. Pray- I love to talk to God and tell him how I am feeling.  It is something about prayer that gives me that internal peace of mind and from there I can figure out the next step.
  2. Look in the Mirror- When I look at my reflection I can see everything that is going on inside of me. I can see that I may look drained or hurt or even happy.  When I look at my reflection, I can see behind the makeup and all the glamour, I see my true self. Seeing my image lets me know that in order for things to be right on the outside I have to look within and start with the “WoMan in the mirror” first.
  3. Music- As a Pisces, music is my soul mate. I can find you a song for any and every emotion. The vibrations of the instruments and the melody of the voices, puts me in a tranquil state to bring all my thoughts together.  It doesn’t matter the genre of the music as long as it relates to what I am feeling, it can be therapeutic.

These are just the 3 things I do first when I need that boost and normally these things help. What do you do to cheer yourself up? How do you turn on your Pretty Girl Swag?

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Tileah Aisha