Are You An Introvert Or An Extrovert?

When we talk about personality traits there are some people that are Introverts, where others are Extroverts.  An introvert is categorized as someone that is quiet, shy, reserved, tends to stay to themselves. Whereas, an extrovert is categorized as someone that is outgoing, talkative and loves to be amongst others.  When I think of these two traits, I can see myself in both categories.  How about you?

Traits of an Introvert-

  • You prefer spending time alone or with one or two close friends, especially when tired.
  • You concentrate best when alone, and often give the impression of being quiet, calm and even mysterious.
  • You feel that you gain energy and strength from being alone.[1]

Traits of an Extrovert-

  • You prefer to be in large crowds, a true social butterfly
  • You work best in groups and teams
  • You tend to speak and then think

Each personality trait has unique benefits to offer the workforce plus your overall well being.  Sometimes being introverted can cause to lose out on things that you didn’t stand up for. Whereas, being an extrovert could have caused you to lose something because you were too outgoing or up front with the circumstance.  It appears to have a balance you should possess qualities from both traits.  We live in a society where we have to co-exist and therefore we are constantly adapting to the “norm”.

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Tileah Aisha