Are Our Dreams Reality?

Recently, mainly the past week, my dreams have been a bit scary. No they aren’t nightmares, just too close to my current reality. I know a lot of people are into dream books to find out what certain things represent, and sometimes that’s just what you need. For example, if you dream about the fruit figs, it represents a positive turn of events. Figs are also often associated with sex, conception and eroticism*.


However, when you dream of events, or when your talking to someone in your dream saying what you know you should say to them while awake, or wish you could or had done something while awake or even sometimes waking up, in my case, feeling out of breath, what does that mean? Sometimes your dreams may be subconsciously telling you what you need to do in your reality. People want to believe their dreams are just that, dreams. But what if our dreams are our subconscious self telling us what we need to do in our reality to be happy, or move on, or even help others? Should we sit there and ignore our subconscious or wake up and do something about it?


I know there are things that I need to take care of in my reality and its clear that my dreams are telling me so. Now the only thing to do is turn my “dreams into reality.”


What are you going to do?