Anomaly: 2012 Art, Fashion, and Music ft. Camille Safiya

On March 30th I got the great pleasure of attending Anomaly 2012: Art, Fashion, and Music, a showcase of artist in different mediums. The women who participated in this event were out of this world! The talent in the venue was bursting through the walls. When first arriving you can hear the music bumping all the way down to the front door. It immediately got you amped to have a good time. When the elevator doors opened you were surround by good people, good vibes, and even more pleasurable art plastered all over the walls, by Camille Safiya, a young up and coming artist, soon to be graduate of Temple University, Tyler School of Arts. I got the opportunity to talk with Camille about her art, influences, and style. Check out the interview below.

Peace & Love

~Gwendolyn Renee


LCC: What is your mission as an Artist?

CS: My mission as an Artist is to spread CreARTivity. CreARTivity is a concept I came up with that stands for “Create Relative Energy Amongst Real Talented Indi-Viduals in Today’s Youth.” My goal is to nourish the youth around the world. I feel that the younger generation of the world is the future and as long as feed them Artistically we empower them.


LCC: Being a female, do you feel you are embraced more or less as an Artist in the Art world?

CS: I love being a female Artist and the confidence I exude makes other love and embrace the fact that I am a female Artist. As a Wombman I have the ability to create life, I have been blessed to be able to take the gift of creation and apply it to Art. Every one of my paintings gives birth to new ideologies and new concepts.


LCC: How do you express your femininity in your Art?

CS: Every time I create whether painting, designing, dyeing, sculpting, cooking, glassblowing, singing, or taking photos I am constantly a vessel for the femininity GOD has blessed me with. I equate my femininity and giving nature to that of a Tree. Trees are constantly feeding every being around them, with oxygen, fruits, herbs and flowers. All they ask for is sunlight in return. Wombman do the same, we are the givers of our world and provide life and nourishment to all.


LCC: Viewing your paintings on your website, they have an Afro-Centric vibe to them and women seem to be the main subject in some pieces. Where does your motivation come from?

CS: The majority of the paintings on my website are from my first solo exhibition, “In Her Element,” in Harlem 2009. At that point in my life I was growing into wombmanhood and feeling like a blossoming flower. I felt that I was really in my element. I consider all of my painting Afro-Centric because Africa is always on my mind and in heart while I create. My motivation comes from the Wombmen in my family that have shown such strength and virtue in raising and nourishing our tribe.


LCC: Your pieces in the Anomaly 2012 show were different than those on your website, where did the motivation come from for those pieces?

CS: Many of the painting in Anomaly 2012 were live performance pieces where I was in front of groups of people usually performing with a singer, rapper, DJ, poet, etc. Paintings like “Dissecting Pluto, Venus, Sunrise and Seasons on Saturn” were literal transfers of energy that I felt, heard, or saw during my performance. This series was not concerned with a representational image; rather they were concerned with representing energy. I am a vessel, and when I perform I just let the energy of the event I am at flow through me, as I record it with color, line and mark.


LCC: How does your artistic scenes reflect your art style, or vice versa?

CS: I surround myself with creative beings that transfer the light and energy that inspires my paintings. I always bring that same creative light with me when I leave the house and give it to everyone I come in contact with, even if it is just with a simple smile or greeting.


LCC: What kind of atmosphere do you like to create your work in?

CS: I love to work in all types of atmospheres. I get an adrenaline rush from being in new places; my passion is traveling so I am always inspired by new environments.


LCC: What advice would you give other female artist out there?

CS: Love freely and use your creative instincts to build a healthy respectable environment for yourself and those around you to grow. You are a Queen, treat yourself like it and you will exude positivity that demands respect and Love from everyone.


To check out more of Camille’s art, you can go to her website,