Anita’s Back

Over this weekend I had the joy and pleasure of taking my Mom to Radio City Music Hall to see Anita Baker for an early Mother’s Day gift. Although Ms. Baker came out 30 minutes after the open act, a comedian name Pete Dominick, she tore the house down! Singing, not all, but many of her classic hit from her first album, “The Songstress”, all the way up to present day with a yet to be released single.  She sounds better than ever, all while wearing stiletto heels and dancing across the stage.  My Mom and I were so sure she would kick off those shoes by the second song, pulling a “Patti”, but she kept them on the whole 2 hours.


For someone who follows her on twitter, she tweets exactly like she talks. With jokes and antidotes in between songs. With  “holy molly’s” thrown out there every time something surprised her, or constants jokes on herself about being an “old folk”. She’s truly a lighthearted person who loves and enjoys what she does.


We were even blessed with the privilege to hear Bebe Wynans sing, who was just there in the audience enjoying the show. Ms. Baker wouldn’t take no for an answer and had him come on stage and sing, “Just Because” with her. Another guest, but planned, was Tyrese. They did a blend of two of their own songs, which surprisingly worked well together.

So glad Anita Baker is back and just as strong as she was all those years ago. There is much more of her to come, with her revealing to us this is the first stop on a new tour she will begin. And, based on her new single she shared with us, I expect nothing less but perfection for her upcoming album.



Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee