All The Time it’s On My Mind

At work, at home, on the road, grocery store, nail salon, ugh the list can go on. But I can’t help it, no matter how often I may get it; I am thinking about the next time, it’s always on my mind.  I don’t think I have a problem because the definition of a nymph is a bit extreme however, the mental thought process of a nymph… Yes, I can relate on certain levels.   From reading sex novels, viewing porn’s, sex shops, pleasure toys, position flash cards, and the concept of sex is just truly amazing (safe sex of course).

There isn’t anything more beautiful than two bodies of passion coming together intertwined, experiencing a high orgasmic emotion of life.  From the planned out, lingerie, pair of sexy heels, hair done, make up done, soft music playing, candles lit, luring your partner in, to the lock of  eyes, random “we”  can’t control the emotions, rough, wild, crazy love making. Living room, kitchen, stairs, where ever we may land, uncontrollable hormones raging sex. Oh the sensation! 

“Sex is an important aspect of any healthy, romantic relationship, so when there's trouble in the bedroom, it could signal trouble in the relationship,” sex experts say( I completely agree. Have you ever been in a relationship and the sex wasn’t the best and you still were overjoyed in that relationship? Now, I am not saying sex is the MAIN reason to stay in relationship or not stay in a relationship, but in my book having a ‘great’ relationship PLUS having a good healthy sexual relationship can only enhance and expand that relationship, mind, body and soul interaction. 

The act of sex alone cannot fill that void however; the foreplay is defiantly a mandatory plus as well.  Many people forget about that, and foreplay not in the literal sense but also in a spicing the vibe up kind of way. Sending your partner cute little flirty text messages, sending naughty pics (although nowadays one must be careful), leaving little notes around the house, mid day phone calls briefly describing each other fantasies.  Everyone needs a little excitement and spice.  

"Men don't realize that foreplay is a 24 hour event. You've got to plan ahead. A lot of it is we don't put emphasis on it. If it's sort of at the end of the day when you have time, it doesn't happen. It's got to be a very, very important part of a relationship. When a couple stop having sex, it's often correlated with problems within the marriage as well. Sex has other roles. It brings together people. It's that zen experience we all crave in life but you get it naturally. If you don't do it right, then of course it doesn't have that effect."- Dr. Oz.

I heart Dr. Oz, he knows lol.