Age Old Question…

Can males and females just be friends? I’ve been hearing this question ever since I got a social life after puberty. I’m sure most of you have as well. I used to be naïve to the whole idea, but the older I got, the more I paid attention. I used to be one of those girls who said, “yes they can be just friends. That’s so immature of you to think they can’t, why not?” That’s because I was the girl who hung out with all the guys and never thought of any of them as more than just friends (unless one was my boyfriends at the time). But as I got older I noticed things began to change. Like I said the social life after puberty. Either I liked them or they liked me and it never turned into more because of one party, or after realizing it wouldn’t work, friends just seemed better. My best friend is a result of just that scenario, so I know from experience. Now along with that friendship came some male insight. Some for my personal use and some for future knowledge. For my own insight, I later on found out that at some point in time, one of my male friends liked me, or use to be or still is attracted to me. But, because they know I see them as no more than just friends, why go there? On the flipside, I myself have been attracted to male friends at one time or another and just left it at that.


You can even try another, more shallow approach. Lets say, you have a male and female friendship. One of you may not be so attractive (its reality lets face it). The lesser attractive friend may be attracted to their more attractive friend, but that friend doesn’t feel the same in return. In that case one of you is just there for pure friendship. Then the answer to the question would be yes. Lets be honest though, how often does that happen?


So, the answer to the question is…? NO. At some point in time there was never “just a friendship.” It may end that way, but it didn’t start or remain that way. Just have to submit to the fact; sex is always going to play a roll in your friendships.