6 Reasons to Start Running

Recently, I have been on a health tip in regards to exercise.  I always hear exercise is good and healthy for you; however, I use to always make excuses.  The hardest part is forming a new habit. But with practice and motivating you too can do it.  I have recently turned to the Women’s Health Magazine to help coast me along the way.  As I was surfing their website, I came across the topic of “running” and wanted to share my finding. Be sure to check out womenshealthmag.com for other health tips and evaluations.

According to Women’s Health Magazine Online here are 6 reasons you should consider making RUNNING a habit:

  1. It is so easy
  2. Yet so hard
  3. Your knees will thank you
  4. You’ll stress less
  5. It can prevent disease
  6. You’ll probably live longer


Check out the full report here http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/health-benefits-of-running?cat=13226&tip=13227


Live Well.


Tileah Aisha


*Picture copyright to Dave Getzschman 2008*