5 Tips to Keep Your Mate Coming Home

Jamming to the #throwback song, ‘Good Good’ by performing artist Ashanti, I couldn’t help but giggle at one specific line.  “When my man leaves the house I know he’s coming right back, I got that Good Good” lol, see I’m laughing while typing.  Anyway, I can’t help but relate to how true that statement is.  Now I am pretty confident that Ashanti was referring to something sexual, however, I can use the term “Good Good” in many alternative ways.  Below are 5 Tips to keep your mate coming home for that “Good Good:”

1.       Make sure your mates feels as though they are appreciated.  Many times we become so wrapped up in our individuals’ lives that we forget those around us.  Take a time out and let your mate know AND let them feel that they are appreciated and they are an asset to your life.

2.       Try something new and exciting.  Relationships can become boring if no one is thinking of new ways to spruce it up.  Check out new and exciting events and activities that you both can share that will  add to the relationship.  Share something with each other that will make each date feels as if it was the first day. (That’s hoping the first day went well, of course)

3.       Make your mate happy.   Find out some of the special things that your mate loves and provide it. Perhaps your mate loves the Giants football team. If you’re able too, buy a pair a tickets and share that moment with them.  Show your mate that you care about their needs and happiness as well.

4.       Keep an open line of communication.  Communication is crucial to any relationship.  Open dialogue between couples should create a more comfortable and truthful environment.  I love to converse, so I make it an effort to always have open dialogue about any and everything to all those I encounter.  I believe it’s the best way to exchange ideas and feelings.

5.       Keep the peace.  As Mary J. Blige said, “No More Drama”.  Be a person of peace and tranquility.  All that extra commotion and fuss is not always needed nor tolerated. If both parties in the relationships can cut out any hostility and negative energy it will set a comforting environment to come home too.


So #LetsChickChat, what is your ‘GOOD GOOD? ”




Tileah Aisha