Trying To Lose Those Last 5lbs?

It’s always those last 5lbs that are hardest to lose. Why is that?! Well the answer is pretty simple. Your body is basically bored. You’ve created a workout regimen and eating habits (no diets) that have worked best for you to lose weight. Well now that you have and clearly it worked, your body has gotten bored of the works out and has become immune to them. It is now time to switch it up. You have to confuse your body in order for it to react the way you want it to. Here’s a workout I have tried that makes you feel great, look great, feel accomplished after each workout, and help you lose the last 5lbs and then some. Below is the circuit workout with a detailed description of each

2 to 3 times a week

Each exercise is done in reps of 8-10

Single arm kettle bell swings- in squat position rest one hand on thigh and hold kettle bell with other in front of you. As you swing your arm up parallel to the floor go into standing position. As arm seeing back down, go back into squat position. That is 1 and repeat.

Push up dumbbell rows- while holding dumbbell go down in push up position. Proceed with push up, move weight to one side of body to lift the opposite arm in row motion and repeat on other side. That is 1 and repeat.

Box jumps- using a sturdy table, chair, or box at gym, find a height that forces you to reach a bit higher than an average lateral jump. Stand directly in front of box and with both feet jump landing on box lightly and jump back. Always 2 feet, that is 1 and repeat.

Skater lateral jumps- starting position, standing on left foot bring right leg bent behind left. Jump to the side landing on right foot, knee slightly bent and left foot bent behind the right and lightly touch floor with left hand. Repeat back to left foot, that is 1, and repeat.

Dumbbell T-stabilizations- while holding dumbbell go down in push up position. Bringing weight to one side, with straight arm raise arm with dumbbell into a T position. Side of body should be parallel to the floor. Bring arm back down and repeat on other side. That is 1 and repeat.

After completing one set of each excerise 3 to 5 times. That will be your complete work out.

Don’t forget to warm up 5-10 minutes. Stretch after and a light 5 minute cool down.