30 Day Fitness Challenge

30daychallengeYou always hear you must exercise and eat healthier, but rarely do we even do it. We sign up for the gym, get a personal trainer, purchase DVD tapes, buy fabulous workout attire, and after day 5 of the routine we are ready to quit.  Whelp, basically I just described to you my life. Lol. I’m not ashamed. I know I have work to do. For starters, I learned I work better in groups. Choosing a gym that offers exercise classes work best for me. Secondly, I need a schedule and a routine. I hate going to the gym wandering aimlessly around the equipment without a plan is useless for me.

Knowing yourself is just half of the battle, once you recognized what works for you; next step is creating a schedule and routine.  Figure out your fitness goals and what areas of your body you wish to target.  Once you know what you want to do, finding the information to do it will come easier.  After that you are all set to go.

Now, like most people, we make excuses or as some people say, reasons. Either way, you aren’t getting it done.  I, like most people, always claim work is in the way and I do not have time. After realizing I was making this excuse I decided to do some web research to find a fitness routine that can accommodate my fitness goals and desires as well as my busy schedule. And, that’s when I found the 30 Day Fitness Challenge website.

It is a website that breaks many exercises down into 30 days. Once I found this I was jumping for joy. Like I mentioned early, I need a routine.  Knowing each day I have a certain exercise to accomplish makes me feel good inside and soon my outside will reflect the same.

I opted for the 30 day Plank, Squat, and Push Up Challenge. There are several other exercises that you can choose as well as whether you want the advance 30 Day Challenge or the Beginners. I chose the Beginners. I won’t act like Zena Warrior Princess when I know I’m not about that life…YET. Each day I review my little fitness journal and I do the exercise that is needed. I am currently on day 10 and I found this really helps, I’m focused and I can’t use the excuse of “I’m busy”.

Check out the website below and tell me what you think. Also, what are your fitness goals for 2014? Let’s Chick Chat about it.


Tileah Aisha


*photo Credit* soreyfitness.com