3 ways to tell if you’ve changed: Alicia Keys Brand New Me

Do you think you have changed from your past? Have you noticed things that use to turn you on now turn you off? Well, I am realizing and coming to terms that I am NOT what I use to be.  Certain habits that I use to have I no longer have. Certain things that use to make me happy no longer appeal to me. Hell, certain people I use to be cool with, I now just don’t want them around.  So how do I deal with this? Well, I decided to take these new found feelings and accept the brand new me.

I recently listened to the Alicia Keys song Brand New Me, and I connected 100% to that song that it scared me.  To find a song that relates perfectly to a lifestyle that you’re living is some type of EUREKA moment.  Listening to that song solidified my feelings, and allowed me to understand what was going on in my life. I am changing. I am changing into better women, a better daughter, a better friend, a better role model, a better business partner, and most importantly a better Christian.  In so many aspects, my life is changing and I am going through a transformation period that I do not understand completely, but I am excited about the transition.

Am I the only one that ever felt like they were changing? Have you ever had a moment where life just seems to look so different?  Here are 3 signs that made me realize I was changing:

  1. Vision- I’ve always had a great outlook for myself and my life, but as I evolve, the steps to obtaining those goals are becoming more and more clear. I am connecting with my passion on a whole different level and slowly the pieces are coming together.
  2. Reaction – There are just some circumstances and situations that no longer faze me. I do not sweat the small things and I surpass them with a smile.
  3. Time- My time is extra valuable and therefore I do not have time to deal with the nonsense.  I put all my energy into my goals and my brand that I do not have time for foolishness.

Realizing these 3 changes proved to me that Tileah Aisha has changed, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself.  What about you? Have you changed? What happened in your life that made you realize it?

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