3 Ways to Reinvent Yourself

The year 2012 is more than half way over and my 2012 resolutions list is not completed.  These next few months are crunch time because I am very avid on setting a deadline and meeting that deadline.  However, in order to fully execute one of my goals I have to change some habits.  Now this is the challenging part, but it’s essential to fully create the change I need.  Change means reinvention. To reinvent yourself you have to change your inner self.  You have to mentally redirect certain aspects of your life and how you react and act in different situations.  Upon trial and error, I believe these 3 steps aid in reinventing oneself:

  1. Imagine your future:  Take a ‘time-out” from reality and embrace your imagination.  Mediate and envision your ideal lifestyle, close your eyes and see your dream job, see your dream house, see your dream family/ friend situation.  Develop a sense and feel of the new opportunities you are about to encounter.  Completely get consumed in your thoughts and truly believe it will be achieved.
  2. Create a vision board:  This is the time to put your childhood arts and crafts skills to use and create a visual of your future.  Use cut outs from magazines, newspapers, drawings that all influence your destiny.  Use bold words and letters to confirm your declaration to your ideal future.  Once completed, placed this image somewhere that you can see often.  A daily visual reminder does wonders to your perception.
  3. Take ACTION! Now that you took the time out to imagine your future you have a visual to see it.  Now it is time to get to work.  In order to get something new you have to do something different. Completing steps 1 and 2 are essential but without step 3, ACTION, your dreams will had a hard time coming true.  So it is now time to get up, get out, network, and use your skills to get to where you want and deserve to be.

Hope these few tips helped. Using these 3 steps has changed my life and as the new Mary Mary song, it is time to GO GET IT!




Tileah Aisha