3 Things to Discuss Before You Move In Together

As thetileah relationship begins to blossom, feelings are being shared, romance is on an ultimate high, when is the right time to move in with your beau? How do you know it is time to make that move? Moving in together before marriage is the closest step to marriage in cohabiting with one another. This is a major step, so how do you know when your ready?Here are 3 things you should discuss before signing that joint lease:

  1. Longevity of the relationship- Make sure you have the talk about the long term vision of the relationship. Be sure that you both are on the same page with future relationship goals. For example, if you want to get married, but he doesn’t, are you willing to sacrifice what you want just to move in together? Gather an understanding of where you both stand in the relationship
  2.  How much do you like each other- Living together means you are sharing the same space day in and day out. Are you okay with seeing this person everyday? Can you handle their habits? Living with someone is a full time commitment; make sure the person you chose to live with is someone you can deal with daily.
  3. Finances- Living together means sharing of bills, does your beau have a steady job? Insufficient finances will definitely cause a wedge in any relationship. Make sure your mate is dependable and responsible before taking on a burden or rent or mortgage. Prior to moving in, check their current spending habits. Does your beau pay his bills on time? Does he save money? What are his expenses? These and many more questions should be asked and answered prior to signing that lease.

With any living situation, living with someone will not always be easy to adapt. Everyone has their own habits and routines and meshing with another could cause some friction at first. Take your time before making that big step and make sure you are completely satisfied with everything.  Communication is important in any relationship, make sure you're honest and direct from the start. Good Luck!!

Do you live with your beau? Leave us a comment and let us know your experience.


Tileah Aisha