3 Benefits to Drinking Lemon Water

Water is a beverage I love to drink yet, I do not drink enough of it. I know that may sound strange, but we all have those things that we know are healthy for us yet it takes us a while to get into the habit. While I am at my day job, I try to drink at least four 16oz bottles a day but sometimes that is a struggle if I am really busy. But, you have to start somewhere.  Water can be bland so to kick it up a notch I always like to add fresh lemon juice to it for flavor. After doing some research, I learned that adding lemon to your water can actually be beneficial on many health levels:


1.     Provides More Energy

Drinking a cup of warm water with lemon juice each day for two weeks, and you may notice improvements in your energy levels. Lemon is a rich source of the immune boosting vitamin C. It also has good quantities of electrolytes such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.[1]

2.     Self Cleansing

Lemon water helps your body to be more efficient at eliminating wastes, which leads to improvements in bowel regularity, says Tricia Cunningham, a certified dietitian/nutritionist, in her book "The Reverse Diet: Lose 20, 50, 100 Pounds Or More by Eating Dinner for Breakfast." [2] Lemon juice acts as a liver tonic and helps you digest your food by helping your liver produce more bile acting as a detox cleansing agent.

3.     Great for Skin Care

Lemon water is enriched in vitamin C and provides rejuvenation to the skin from within leaving you with a fresh glow on your face. Lemons are natural antiseptics and can help cure skin problems and acne.[3]

Who knew my form of adding “flava” to water was actually a healthy choice for my body overall.  Drinking lemon water is a healthy choice and alternative to all of those sugary drinks that are out now, with much more added benefits. Next time you drink of glass of water don’t forget your splash of lemon juice.


Tileah Aisha

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