15 Minute Relationship Saver

This topic is for the ladies out there who are in relationships, and for any men who find them selves reading this blog, I suggest you pay attention. Fifteen minutes!! That’s all it takes. “That’s all what takes,” you may ask. Take fifteen minutes out of your day to give your significant other undivided and uninterrupted attention.  Try to make this a daily routine. Fifteen minutes may not seem like much, but if done every day it can help add to the longevity of your relationship. With this fifteen minutes there must be nothing going on but the two of you, and can be done at any time of the day. Turn off the TV, put down the cell phone and LEAVE IT, be in a room alone, and if you are not able to see you significant other, it’s ok to have your fifteen minutes over the phone. Not through text or email, but an actual phone conversations. Go into a quiet room away from all other people and distractions.

With these fifteen minutes, you are free to talk about anything, but the key work is TALK. Don’t just sit there together in the room silent. What’s the point in that? It can start off by simply recapping each other’s day. After time, the conversations will evolve. It’s a great way to open the lines of communication in your relationship. Especially for some of you ladies who are with men who don’t express themselves often or if at all, or that don’t keep lines of communication open all the time.

With all the technology of social networks and phones that basically make it so you don’t have to ever interact with a single soul, fifteen minutes of time together ALONE is needed. Our generation has lost our ability to communicate and interact with one another, and this will help bring that back and possibly save a lot of relationships. I know if I had put this fifteen minute exercise into effect, a lot of my relationships would have been different.

So give the fifteen minutes a try and if all goes well, those fifteen may turn into a half hour, maybe even an hour. This time can make a great relationship an amazing relationship and in some situations determine if this is the man you’d like to spend your life with.

Communication is Key



Peace & Love

~Gwendolyn Renee