10 New Year’s Resolutions for Couples



2014 is here and the personal resolutions and goals should be in full swing. These goals can range from new diets, going to the gym, making more money, advancing professional, etc. Yearly, we all make plans on what to do and what not to do in the upcoming year.  Making plans is a beautiful concept. It keeps us focused on a major goal and it gives us direction, but what about your relationship resolutions? Have you made resolutions for 2014 as a couple?

Majority of the time we focus solely on our personal goals that we forget to nourish our intimate relationships.  As a couple, together you must work to enhance and grow the relationship.

Whether you are single, married, or dating, here are 10 New Year Resolutions to try:

  1. Plan Mini Getaways:  Even if money is tight; plan a local road trip or even a stay in a hotel suite. Just do something out of the norm that will give you a new vibe.
  2. Elevate to the next level: Whether that’s marriage, children, moving in together, heck even a joint account. Discuss the outlook of the relationship and imagine the big picture
  3. Crack more Jokes: Cliché has it that laughter is the best form of medicine. Why not up that dose and laugh more.
  4. Listen More: Sometime we spend so much time trying to get our point across that we miss key information from our love ones. Try to listen more and speak less in 2014.
  5. Be more affectionate: Send sweet good morning texts, surprise him with a candle lit dinner, send him a hand written letter.  Any random acts of kindness would be appreciated by both sides.
  6. Forgive quickly: Forgiveness is something that does not come easily to some. But for the sake of the relationship forgiveness is a key ingredient. Instead of focusing  on negative energy, breathe life into your relationship
  7. Communication:  As per usual, communication is vital for any relationship to prosper. Make it a daily effort to speak more and learn about one another. Share your ideas, passions, hurts, visions. Share it all.
  8. Spice up the intimacy: Yes ladies, break out the heels, put on the sexy lingerie, and throw on some lipstick and slow dance for your man. Spice it up; make it exciting and brand new. Character role play is always welcomed ;)
  9. Make Time: I know we are all busy with jobs, school, businesses, creating and running an empire. But make time for those that love you.
  10. Live in the Moment: Planning for the future is always a plus but remember to enjoy the moment. You only get once chance at life, live it up each day. And if you’re lucky to share those experiences with someone make them lasting memories

Remember, the grass is NOT always greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it

Happy New Year luvs #FlirtyFriday


Tileah Aisha

*photo credit* hdwallsize.com http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x18i9oz